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However, some simple experiments have yielded results that are consistent with a scientific basis to the fundamental premise of astrology even though the practice is an art rather than a science. No mechanism was known, for example, for continental drift when it was proposed by Wegener. Nevertheless, we see that Wegener was right, and those who objected on the grounds of unavailable mechanism were wrong. Two decades later, the Journal of Psychology published a more objective study involving students mostly born in the southern hemisphere Clarke The subjects had no special interest in astrology and were given no clues that the test involved astrology.

While those with the Sun or with the Moon in positive signs had a higher mean E score than those in negative signs, the difference was not significant possibly due to small sample sizes.

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Tests on the Sun Signs 6. Castille poses the similarity of these results suggests the possibility of an artefact, but to date none has been discovered. Most notable correlations involved the Moon, the first-born child and the angles. This result is statistically significant on both a 7 day window 6.

Professor Cajochen and his team at Basel University, Switzerland conducted a retrospective study of the data records of the sleep patterns of 33 subjects tested in a darkened room in the lab ten years previously. Tarvainen discovered that while single astrological factors show positive correlations, they are often not statistically significant.

This finding is in line with Gauquelin. However, when the factors are synthesized as is the practice of astrologers, the results become significant. Tarvainen Tarvainen a He later tested out planetary interpretations that were claimed to apply to 11 professions published in a popular astrological text book known as a 'cook book'.

Astrologers fail to predict proof they are wrong

Though Tarvainen found that a minority were not accurate a significant number of traditional claims were supported when tested against 18, subjects versus controls. He and others were unable to find any correlation that could not be explained by chance. Following these criticisms, in March , Dr Dean provided me with the birth data and EPI scores for subjects from his computer analysis. The Sign position of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant were combined and tested in a multi-factored approach.

I carried out a series of Chi-Squared tests of independence.

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  • Planets in Water Signs were close to the mean for both Extraversion and Neuroticism, as anticipated. An outline with images or for the more technical abstract Since I started compiling this list, the number of studies currently around 40 has doubled. See a more extensive list of studies or a list of over a hundred studies published in scientific journals on the correlation between animal behaviour including primates and moon phase.

    Is astrology anti-scientific? Over years astrology drifted from being central to the academic system to an outcast on the fringe.

    Radical new discoveries of the mechanics of the solar system appeared to refute an ancient system developed under the previous paradigm. As the academic world polarised, astrology was not considered an objective science nor an art or a religion.

    Looking at the star signs from a scientific standpoint.

    So the real question is how did astrology survive at a time when so much superstition was jettisoned. The discovery of Uranus and later Neptune and Pluto led some astrologers to review the ancient attribution of sign rulerships. After much trial and error, these new planets took western astrology to a far more sophisticated and complex level mirroring the changes in our evolving consciousness on Earth. Find out why the astrological model survived intact.

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    Prediction to protect kings and nobles was at odds with a world liberated by free-will, republicanism and democracy during the Age of Enlightenment. Photo credit: pixabay. Looking at the star signs from a scientific standpoint. Unsurprisingly, the astrology workshop is being met with criticism over its scientific validity.

    What Will Scientists Discover Next?

    Does astrology use testable ideas? An internet search revealed that, according to astrological texts, planets come very close to the Sun at certain times of the year. As a result they lose their brightness, or lustre, with respect to the Sun. It only reflects the light of a star.

    Why Astrology Isn't Real Science

    Their superficial argument of how planets influence human beings, stemming from an evident lack of understanding, goes typically like this: Planets in astrology, this includes the Sun and the Moon influence Earth. Therefore, they influence water bodies that, in turn, influence the lives of living beings.

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    Can astrologers or astrological texts establish a literal causal relationship? There is, as a result, a complete lack of meaning and evidence. Become A Supporter.